Côtes du Rhône


The Rosés

Les Estras (CdR)

The rosé, Cuvée des Estras is uncharacteristically made from syrah grapes. A surprisingly charming wine to be enjoyed cool on hot summer days, it is dominated by strong fruity flavors, mostly raspberry and cherry.

Les Aumailles (CdR)

Produced from our grenache, the Sous les Remparts rosé is fruity and tart, with hints of sweet cherry and raspberry. Enjoy it chilled with an apéritif or a home-made pizza, or try it with salmon or grilled meats.

Silver medal

Concours des Vins de Piolenc, 2010

La Bulle Rose (sparkling)

A cheeky experimental wine, with blended rosés from grenache and syrah, later carbonated to produce a lovely blush sparkling wine. It can be (happily) enjoyed with an apéritif, or alongside a moist cake for dessert.

Médaille de bronze

Foire d’Avignon 2011